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Changelings are a type of being that can change their form at will. They are also known by their lower classifications and have a propensity to imitate other races they see. The true form of a changeling is one that is not seen very often. Most changelings tend to be biological, but that does not mean non-biological changelings don't exist.

There are varying types of Changelings:

  • Shapechanger - Only able to change into other things that have the same form -- such as "another human."
  • Changeshifter (or something else) - A complete morphing of the entire body into only one different form -- such as "from human only to bear." Changeshifters can never morph into anything different.
  • Shapeshifter - A complete morphing of the entire body into different forms -- such as "from human to bear." Shapeshifters are freely able to move between anything they want.

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