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Squackle Inc. is the largest and most successful corporation in the world. It is amazingly successful as a multinational conglomerate. They have found a way to go back into time and buy companies retroactively. Most companies are, in fact, owned by Squackle Inc.

davepoobond, a demigod, runs Squackle Inc.

davepoobond built Squackle Inc. with his own hands. Squackle Inc. is a huge company that everyone loves, or is forced to love.

Squackle Inc. is secretly enlisting an army of millions and millions of people, that would like to join davepoobond’s cause. Once there is a powerful-enough army, davepoobond would become the president of the United States of America, because the millions and millions of people that are in the army would vote for him, and then he would have control of his army and the United States Army, and then he would take over the world accordingly.

Squackle Inc. supplies most of the world’s food and other necessary items, because Squackle Inc. forces all the companies in the world to become a part of the company. davepoobond is a fair and honest ruler, and the company (and the world) will be passed down through the generations of his family.

Earth has also become known as Squackle Land as a result of the huge influence Squackle Inc. has on the world.

At Squackle Inc., they do anything they want. They say what they want when they want, and tell people whatever they want. They also kill whoever they want without any repercussions.

The other major personnel in the corporation are:




Kako The Colombian Druglord

Fajita Bum