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Scluckle Inc. is the evil antithesis to Squackle Inc. They are based on the Mysterious Island of Caca.

They constantly plot how to assassinate davepoobond, destroy Squackle Inc., and steal davepoobond’s underwear. They aim to also be the rulers of the Internet and force people to be tortured by having slow connections forever.

After work they usually have a company-wide meal, for example “Hamburger and Brocolli.” They also have square-dancing after work on a usual basis. When going on vacation they are required to take vodka and viagra.

Their plans are usually foiled by way of Dacky Duck.

It is owned and run by jamescrapbond. Other personnel are as follow:

Taco Homeless-Man

Cako the Portuguese Porker






Scluckle Man

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