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Welcome to the SquackleWiki.

Everything that is everything to know about the Squackle Universe is here in Wiki form.

Squackle Land, also known as Earth, is the center of the universe of Squackle.

Story Background:

Squackle Land is primarily set in a “present day” America-of sorts, but very very different. In terms of history, geography, and other planets/countries — they may not actually exist unless they are actually acknowledged. Think of Squackle Land as a world with areas that are divided out with typically very little space between them unless specifically mentioned. The edges of the map have clouds around areas you don’t know about, but there is still “something” there.

The reason the Earth is called “Squackle Land” is because in this fantasy, Squackle Inc. is an all-powerful company that runs many of the vital (and not-so-vital) services of the Earth. The Earth is referenced as Squackle Land as a homonym, and shows how powerful Squackle Inc. actually is.

Dacky is the ultimate God of all of Squackle Land.

There is very little in terms of “acting” or "fiction" in this universe -- you can think of it as "unfiction." In this context, most of the characters who are on TV shows and movies are actually what “really happened." Another way to think about it is that all of the TV shows/movies/books, etc are “reality TV” applied in their unique ways. You can think of some movies as re-enactments, or others as documentaries. In very extreme cases will there actually be something that is considered “fiction.”

Geographical Background:

Squackle Land itself is a huge planet made of land, water, and other "things." Essentially the “planet” of Squackle Land is infinite and can be expanded as needed. There are other planets in this "Squackleverse" but only insofar as they are very small and could be moons of this “Squackle Land,” in the cases of Fairy Tales on other planets. At the ends of the world a dark fog that you cannot see through is present.