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Site Background:

Squackle Land is the modern-day fantasy world of Squackle created by me, davepoobond.

The SquackleWiki web site serves as a repository of the mythos of Squackle, and to expand upon anything that may be created that is on the main Squackle.com web site. It is also full of things that I myself have created in the past and the fictional evolution of it all. I’ve decided to combine all of my wacky ideas into one universe that contains them all and “interacts” with each other.

Examples of this include the Squackle Broadcasting Company storyline and other original cartoons, stories, the Odin Shops comic series, and other creative writings that are written for Squackle.

The SquackleWiki will ideally provide a geographical representations and locations of stuff in a possibly visual manner, maintain the timeline of SBC, and hold anything “extra” to supplement certain “Squackle” stories or concepts. It is meant to emphasize the original content of the site that is applicable. It is also possible that new, original ideas specifically for Squackle Land may appear on this web site with no appearance on the main site.

My interpretation of a “modern day fantasy” includes elements of fantasy and science fiction. I do not explain how or why there are people able to be in space — just that we are. There are no “questions” about why certain things exist, they just do, like aliens and monsters. Aliens exist, and nearly all of them want to take over the world. Practically everything wants to take over the world or destroy it.

There is probably no need for items to republished here, but they will be linked to back on the main site where applicable.

The content of SquackleWiki is based on "Sincerity in Absurdity." Everything is so completely absurd that sincerity of this absurdity is the basis of what makes this world "work." As a result, almost nothing "weird" is questioned.