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Odin Shops is the on-campus bookstore at CSUA. It serves as the location of the Odin Shops comic series.

There is a wood chipper behind the store with the express purpose of using it as a paper shredder.

Their motto is "Shirts, Pants, Jackets, Shot Glasses and More! At Odin Shops bookstore."

The main store is two floors. There is a "second" upstairs that is detached from the normal upstairs called Yggdrasil, and the staircase made to resemble the world tree of Norse mythology.

The following types of non-manager workers are in Odin Shops:

Cashier Department - Customer Service Supervisor>Customer Service Lead>Receptionist>Cashier

Textbook Department - Textbook Floor Supervisor>Textbook Lead>Textbook Associate

They sell books, computers, and food.

They have their ongoing project of expanding the store, which they call "building Valhalla," in which they are extended the store outwards, and "Yggdrasil" is the alternate 2nd floor.

The custodial staff leaves love notes in employee's name tags and inside of books.

The different rooms in the store are:

  • The Break Room
  • Staging Area
  • Warehouse
  • Convenience Store
  • The Fitting Room
  • Buyback Room
  • Refunds Room
  • 1st Floor - Gear/Supplies
  • Upstairs - all the books

The Einherj-YUM (run by the Einherj-YUMperor and/or The Yum King), The Valkyrie Stop, The Hungry Viking, Thor Store are the satellite stores on the campus of CSUA, operated by Odin Shops.

After the first couple weeks of each semester, there is a "Ragnarok" in which many people are fired in the downsizing. People who are kept have an inability to really "leave" the store.

Shirt ideas: 1)"The Hungry Viking" (with the "ry" crossed out). 2) "Attention Odin Shoppers, the time is now 7 O'clock and bookstore is now closing. Please take your final selections to the nearest register and have a good day." 3) "Valkyire Stopper" 4) "Processing Request... Approved" 5) "Received on Account"

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