Jack in the Crack

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Jack in the Crack is a restaurant that serves crack cocaine-related foods. All of their items are 100% crack cocaine.

Their motto is “We Don’t Crack It ‘Till You Jack It.”

They currently own the Crackers, a football team.

They currently sell:

Crack Taco Shells

Crack Cheese

Crack Beef

Crack Lettuce

Monster-on-Crack Taco

Crack Pipe Pies

Bacon Ultimate CrackBurger

Crack Fried Steak

CrackBurger (w/cheese)

Crack Fries


Crack Nuggets

Curly Crack Fries

Crack Pipe Straws


They have the quote “Everything in here gets you amazingly high. Except the napkins” on some of their bags.

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